Blue-tooth Pacifier

We are at a loss for an opinion on this product.  However, in general the thought of any manmade “energy” running around a baby’s head makes us very nervous….

“With a temperature sensor built into the pacifier’s silicon teat, Pacif-i™ transmits temperature data via Bluetooth Smart (sometimes referred to as Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy) to a free app on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The app determines when the temperature is the most accurate and then time-stamps and plots the temperature data in a graph.  Via the app, parents can record when medication was administered, set-up alerts/ reminders and share the data with carers and medical professionals.

Pacif-i™ also features an in-built proximity sensor that allows parents to monitor the pacifier’s location and so be alerted when their child wanders off. Within the app, parents can set the distance, up to a range of 20 metres, for the alarm to be triggered when this is breached.

The pacifier also features a buzzer alarm that can be activated via the smartphone when it has been misplaced or hidden by a child.

Using a low-energy Bluetooth Smart chip, provided by leading chip developers Nordic Semiconducter, Pacif-i™ has a battery life of more than one year.”paci


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