Included in the package is one host, a large nozzle, a large brush, a brush, and a steel brush. This high-pressure steam cleaner, model GCJ, is made of plastic and metal and is available in white or red. The machine measures 190x150x130mm, with a 2.2m spray gun pipe length and a 2.5m power cable length. The steam cleaner has a voltage of 220VAC 50Hz, a power output of 2500W, a steam pressure of 3Bar, and a water consumption rate of 200-500ml/min. The output temperature of the steam cleaner is 105℃ or higher. This steam cleaner is made of aluminium alloy, which has excellent heat collection properties. It quickly degreases, and within 10 seconds, the temperature can reach about 100 °C. It is energy-efficient, uses less water, and requires no detergent. It features high-pressure, high-temperature steam and strong spray force, with anti-dry, automatic temperature control reset multiple protection. The gasification part has a circular design with the same inlet and outlet apertures, allowing for instant vaporization. The ultra-thin design and durable plastic shell make it easy and safer to use. The operation is simple, and the switch can be turned on directly. When using this steam cleaner, the steam vents should not be aimed at people, animals, or electrical products. When replacing the accessory, wait until the air vent is completely stopped before touching the jet switch. If there is any foreign matter in the process of use, the nozzle head should be tightened, and the hard object, which usually scales solid, should be removed. If there are any issues during use, immediately turn off the power and consult a professional. Please allow for a 1-2CM difference due to manual measurement. The picture may not reflect the actual colour of the item due to different displays and lighting. One customer has rated the product 4 out of 5 and stated that they have not tested it yet, as it is brand new. They find the steam cleaner smaller than expected but are willing to update their rating once they have