Our Philosophy

At SuperKids, our number one priority is the safety and well being of our children.  Our curriculum’s focus is on academic and social growth through hands-on experiential immersion learning. Every job at Superkids is done as a TEAM!

Job Descriptions

It is imperative that all team members convey a positive attitude at all times, especially while working with children, parents and each other.  All staff members at SuperKids are expected to respect this facility, their co-workers and our clients by diligently arriving at work on time every day and being prepared in their classroom by their scheduled time.

Lead Teacher is responsible for recognizing the needs of the children and tending to them promptly. He/She writes and implements lesson plans, as well as, observes and assesses students progress. It is our requirement that all staff members read, write and communicate using proper English grammar.

Full Time Teacher Assistant  is also responsible for recognizing the needs of children and tending to them promptly.  He/She also must maintain a clean and safe environment for children to learn, as well as, assist the lead teacher in all her tasks throughout the day. A teacher assistant will be expected to provide assistance, feedback and ideas for curriculum planning.

Part Time Teacher Assistant & Classroom Closer must be reliable, flexible and dependable.  They must maintain a positive orderly classroom and interact with children at all times in accordance with the lesson plan set forth by the lead teacher in the classroom.  Evening staff must always project a positive helpful attitude and assist parents during pick up time.  In addition evening staff must abide by center cleaning procedures every night.

NOW HIRING: Part-time teacher’s assistant/Classroom Closer 4pm to 7pm Monday through Friday.  Most be 18 years or older with at least a high school diploma.