Toddler (22 months – 30 months)

At Superkids we do not believe there is such a thing as the “terrible two’s”.  However, we do believe that there is a distinct difference between a child who is just turning two and a child turning three.  Younger twos still usually need a little more help from caregivers and likewise older twos are capable of more social, academic and physical challenges.  As such we separate our two year olds into two separate age groups with different ratios.

In the Toddler rooms your child will learn to effectively communicate needs, wants and feelings as he/she starts to demonstrate responsibility, independence and an eagerness to learn.  The Toddler teachers will lovingly introduce new milestones, such as potty training, as well as, more formal classroom concepts, like group learning, to prepare your child for school.  The Toddler rooms are age specific designed to encourage group and independent activities all while being very cognizant of the assistance a young two year old still needs.