Pre-K 1

PRE-K1 (30 months – 36 months)

In the Pre-K1 classes our primary focus is on age appropriate social skills as the catalyst to a happy and successful learning future.  As such the Pre-K 1 classes work hard on cooperation, independence and self-control. Formal classroom skills and activities are introduced into the daily schedule, which include an age appropriate curriculum in Language Arts, Mathematics and Science.  There is also time everyday for independent instruction, fine motor skills, free play and gross motor activity.

Potty training is a big part of the Pre-K 1 experience.  Consistency is the key to success.  Therefore, our teachers work closely with parents to lay out a game plan for issues such as potty training, which can be unilaterally implemented both at home and school to assure an uncomplicated and stress free transition as the Pre-K1