About SuperKids

At SuperKids we unite an academic curriculum with a playful whole child learning pedagogy. Our classrooms foster hands-on experiential learning, whereby teachers lead their students toward discovery by encouraging natural curiosity. Like the construction of a home, the building process of learning begins with laying a strong foundation. Our well planned curriculum starts at 6 weeks old through Kindergarten, by providing opportunities to engage in interdisciplinary learning and structured scaffolding experiences via the power of play, modeling and social relationships.

We cultivate a healthy sense of self while also understanding our role in the community at large. SuperKids values every child as capable, competent learners. Subjects are addressed meaningfully and comprehensively with each child’s developmental pace in mind. Furthermore we promote children’s confidence with appropriate praise which nourishes their sense of self competence. In our classrooms it is okay to explore and experiment. We teach that there might be more than one solution to a problem and mistakes are opportunities to learn.

Research on brain development supports the value of high-quality early childhood education programs for young children, and studies of programs like SuperKids provide evidence of their benefits.

4 Messages we want our children to receive from our classrooms:

  • This is a safe place to explore and try out new ideas.
  • This is a place you can trust.
  • You belong here.
  • You will have many friends here.