Summer Camp


SuperPartners is an entire summer filled with community collaboration geared toward learning what we can do to make a difference.

Our summers start locally visiting and doing projects for the police department, fire department, first aid squad and library. From there we expand our reach working with amazing organizations like; The Seeing Eye Dogs, Eyes for the Needy, Runnels Specialized Hospital, Bridges Food Bank, supporting our troops and many other amazing organizations. In addition, we visit and learn about environmental efforts, wild life trusts, parks, museums, local arboretums and historical sites such as the Lenape Learning Center, Raptor Trust and Sterling Hill. Of course summer wouldn’t be complete without some water time fun-so our campers also go to the pool twice a week. Our super kids have a great time all summer and embrace the spirit of participating in the many volunteer opportunities and good works available to them. Most importantly they learn about the “full circle effect” of their efforts and how much they get back when they think of others.
We hope you will join us this summer for amazing experiences.

We hope you will join us this summer for amazing experiences!