Pre-K 2

PRE-K2 (Three Years Olds)

The Pre-K2 Classrooms have an academic curriculum, which incorporates Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art and Music.  However, primary focus remains on social skills throughout all of our lessons.  We strongly believe in teaching and reinforcing good manners and a sense of safety at all times and in any environment.  This not only enhances your child’s classroom experience but also instills habits that will make our students successful lifetime learners.

Our curriculum and lessons span much further than just their immediate classroom.  The Pre-K2 classes not only take field trips outside of school but they also have many outside community service personnel and visitors teach the class.  Visitors range from dentists, doctors, firemen and policemen to environmental scientists and food specialists.  Parents and Grandparents are always welcome to share with their child’s class any special resources they have, lead an art project, read a book or talk about their special family holiday.  The key to Pre-K2 success is to make every event a learning experience.