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  • Justine  says:

    Talia, Claire, Alexis, and Colleen visit Ms. Elena and Ms. Atesha for a class of 2011 mini-reunion!

  • Justine  says:

    Ms. Claudia loves when her student visit her, all grown up! Thanks for visiting Jessica!

  • Justine  says:

    Our alumni Katie and Ben Seifer continue to impress us, today helping with the dance program at Fun Center.

  • Chyzowych Family  says:

    Tommy 6th grade and Julia 3rd grade

    • SuperKids  says:

      What happened to our babies??? They are so grown up and gorgeous!

  • The Zabinski Family  says:

    We’re very happy that so many of Bella’s friends from SuperKids will be coming with her to Kindergarten. Here are Gwen, Suhani, Bella, Valentina, and Aria visiting their new school.

  • The Zabinski Family  says:

    One of the things we did not expect is the extended family that SuperKids would become. We love doing things with everyone. Here are some of the SuperKids meeting the Fresh Beat Band! This was back in January 2015.

  • The Zabinski Family  says:

    Isabella celebrates her 5th birthday with Elsa and the princesses (and superhero) of PK3!

  • The Zabinski Family  says:

    Isabella celebrates her 5th birthday with her PK3A class!

  • The Zabinski Family  says:

    Rylah Zabinski’s Waddler B Thanksgiving Dinner Picture

  • The Zabinski's  says:

    Sydney Rains, Isabella Zabinski, and Zoey Rains (PK3) ready to Rock Around the Christmas Tree at the SuperKids Holiday Concert! Pictured here before the show in their Ballet / Hip Hop gear for the combined class performance!

  • The Cicenia family  says:

    Maddie got a silver medal with her synchronized skating team at the Boston Classic this past weekend.

  • The Molinellis  says:

    Merry Christmas! Love Vincent and Aria-Rose
    Miss Brittany, Miss Amanda – Look!!!! We got her in a dress!

  • Donna  says:

    Jeremy, Natalie & Emily

  • Erinn  says:

    Grace and Shea on the way to Super kids.

  • Erinn  says:

    Grace visiting her super kids classmates in LA this past school year.

  • Michelle  says:

    Claire & Kaylee having fun at Hershey Park!!

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