About SuperKids

At SuperKids we build our relationships with our families and teach knowing that each child is unique and special.  However, one commonality we recognize in children is that to flourish, every child needs to feel accepted and appreciated. The quality of a child’s relationship with their teacher is an important predictor of their future social relationships and academic success.  Therefore, forging a strong relationship with every child in our classes is very important to us and we purposely plan our activities to promote this bond of trust and caring.

We want our children’s feelings to be valued and recognized.  We treat every child with respect and acceptance, viewing all children as capable, competent learners. Furthermore, we promote children’s confidence with appropriate praise, which nourishes their self-confidence and a sense of their own self-competence.  In our classrooms it is okay to explore and experiment.  We teach that there might be more than one solution to a problem and mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn.

5 Messages we want our children to receive from our classrooms:

  • This is a good place to be
  • You belong here
  • This is a place you can trust
  • You can do many things on your own here
  • This is a safe place to explore and try out new ideas